Mugello Holiday Lodgings is in reality a hamlet per se at 32 km from Florence. Mugello Holiday Lodgings are fully embedded in a fantastic spot in the most relaxing Tuscan countryside. The villa and the sourrounding farmhouses can boast the most beautiful view of the Mugello Valley below.

Upon arriving at the Mugello Holiday Lodgings, you’ll find 6 fully independent apartments in beautifully restored farmhouses. They are clean and kept in excellent conditions and are ideal hosting venues for a relaxing holiday near Florence. After a busy day full of sightseeing and excursions in and out of Florence, indulge yourself with a refreshing drink or a glass of wine by the pool.

Outdoors there are also 3 different barbecue sets for a nice bistecca fiorentina dinner with your dear ones. In the villages nearby there are small shops where you can find fresh products. If you need a supermarket there’s a big shopping centre in the main town of the area at only 8 km from the Mugello Holiday Lodgings.

Mugello Holiday Lodgings enjoys a rich and unspoiled natural surrounding.

Mugello Holiday Lodgings is one of the best vacation venues in Mugello. Ideal for hiking or horseback riding, biking or simply for enjoying relaxing moments of leisure.

You can taste and buy genuine products. Fresh garden vegetables, seasonal fruits, extra virgin olive oil, jams, honey, nuts, wine. You can also enjoy the traditional dishes of the Mugello such as the prized Tortelli di patate.


PLACE Mugello
ACCOMMODATION  6 Apartments of different sizes fitting from 2 to 6 people each
INDOORS Fully equipped kitchen
Living room
Bathroom/s with shower
Communal washing machine
OUTDOORS Swimming pool
Table tennis
Bowls rink
Footbal field
Parking area
OTHER 1 Dog per apartment (small and medium size)
Honey didactic farm
Sale BIO products

LA CANONICA (2 people)
A small house flanking the private chapel, La Canonica is suitable for a holiday for two or for a couple with a very young child. During the fresh autumn days, the matrimonial room with its fireplace offers the romantic touch of older times. The private loggia, paved with antique slabs, is one of the most privileged places, chosen by cheerful swallow families for their summer nests.
Double bedroom with fireplace, Sitting Room, Shower Bathroom, Equipped Kitchen, Private Loggia, On the Ground Floor

IL NAPPA (4 people)
Situated on the first floor, close to Il Vignolino and on top of La Menghina, right in front of the swimming pool, the house is called after the name of the last farmer who took care of our land. Comfortable and nice, it is perfect for a small family. And since it has a well equipped kitchen, you can always cook more sophisticated dishes.
Double Room, Twin Room, Shower bathroom, Equipped Kitchen, Table with chairs in the pool garden, Barbecue, On the first floor, external stairs

IL VIGNOLINO (4 people)
The fireplace in the living room gives at once a welcoming feeling. Placed on the first floor, near Il Nappa and on top of La Menghina, right in front of the swimming pool area, this house has taken its name after one of the last peasants on our farm. Very graceful, it has cosy rooms, with nice beautiful cotti floors. The kitchen, adorned with many rich ornaments, is large and very comfortable.
Double Bedroom, Twin Bedroom, Entrance – sitting room with fireplace, Shower bathroom, Equipped Kitchen, Table with chairs in the pool garden, Barbecue, On the first floor, external stairs

LA CASINA (4 people)
It is a rustic house with raised ground floor and a first floor. The atmosphere has the sweetness and warmth of the old grandparents’ house: the fireplace reigns in the kitchen and during the cold days you can sit in front of a bright fire; the ancient washbasin made of pietra serena (the blue-grey stone extracted from local Florentine quarries) is there for decades; an old sweing machine was turned into a floor-stand lamp which can be admired in the matrimonial room.
Double room with en-suite bathroom, Twin room with en-suite bathroom, Kitchen & sitting-room with fireplace, Equipped Kitchen, Small private garden, Barbecue, External Stairs

LA MENGHINA (6 people)
It is a big and comfortable ground floor farm house, suitable for a large family. It is situated right in front of the swimming pool area and of the ping pong table, while the private pergola faces the mini soccer field. The stone fireplace and washbasin, the original brick floor, the exposed beams all provide an old-time atmosphere.
Double Room, 2 twin Bedrooms, Sitting Room with fireplace, 2 shower bathrooms, Equipped kitchen, Private pergola near the volleyball field, Barbecue, On the ground Floor

LA TINAIA (6 people)
Placed on top of the old wine cellar, former home of the last peasant family, the Ceccos, the house is the most spacious of our hamlet being thus ideal for a large family. You can enjoy the big private front garden where you can make a barbecue. The Tuscan rustic style, carefully preserved in each and every detail and highlighted by old family furniture, makes the rooms charming.
Double Bedroom, 2 twin Bedroom, Large sitting room & kitchen with fireplace, 2 shower bathrooms, Equipped kitchen, Dishwasher, Pergola and private garden, Barbecue, External Stairs

Mugello Holiday lodgings

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